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No, there is no effective method for spiders today, unfortunately. Spiders are actually not considered a pest.

The ants enter through the opening in the canister and take the poison back to the colony. Cleaning and placement of the canister affects its efficiency.

Yes, your home insurance covers pestcontrol. If you live in an apartment you should check which insurance your tenant or landlord has. Its their insurance that covers pest control.

The definition of pest can be described as an animal or plant detrimental to humans or human concerns, including crops, livestock, and forestry. The term is also used for animals that cause a nuisance in the home.

No, bird removal is normally not included in any insurance or in a basic contract with us. But you can always enter a preventative bird agreement with us or get help in a single case.

No, there is no deductible on pest control that is included in your insurance.

It is different for different insurance companies. In order to be sure of what is included in your particular policy, it is best to read in your insurance policy. However, it is common that housing pests, rodents and wood-destroying insects are included. But there may be different rules regarding waiting periods.

Removal of old wasp nests is not included in the insurance policy. This is something you can do on your own by eg. use gloves and cut / pick up the nest and put it in a garbage bag. Dispose of the nest at a waste disposal facility - consult with the staff there about sorting rules.

Under "Facts & Tips" you will find tips on preventative measures for the most common pests.