Fruit flies are small, 2‒2,5 mm long and has a golden body and red eyes. They reproduce quickly and like room temperature. In only a small scratch in a fruit the fruit fly may place 25 eggs. The development from egg to fly only takes 10 days.  The are drawn to packages with left overs from wine, beer, milk, ketchup, marmelade or vinegar but also dirty rubbish bins are attractive to fruit flies. The source of an infestation is often dirty floor drains, siphons och ventilators with dust and grease.

How to avoid them:

  • Clean floor drains an siphons. Not only with chemicals or hot water, mechanical cleaning is necessary too.
  • Throw away rutten fruit and vegetables. Clean the place where the fruit has been carefully.
  • Do often and carefully clean the garbage room and the rubbish bins.
  • Control ventilaters especially those close to kitchen. They should be free from grease and dust.

Suitable treatments: vinegar traps or light traps.