Hadrobregmus Pertinax

This species is common in the whole country of Sweden. It's black with yellow hair on the back corners of the neck. The hadrobregmus pertinax only attacks damp wood.

How to avoid them:

  • keep wood dry.
  • prevent dampness.
  • change damaged wood.

Suitable treatments: change damaged wood and apply suitable product to protect.


Common Furniture Beetles

Most common in the southern and the middle parts of Sweden. The body is dark brown with dotted wings. They primarily attack healthy wood indoors. A female lays 20‒40 eggs in cracks which requires a humidity of 60‒70 percent to be able to develop, the process may take up to 3 years. It is often found in cowsheds or basements where it is chilly or only warm certain times of the year. The common furniture beetle attacks both leafy trees and pine trees as well as wooden furniture.

How to avoid them:

  • Keep low humidity.
  • Properties that are not in use all year round should keep a temperature of at least 14 degrees.
  • Avoid storing wooden items in chilly places

Suitable treatments: place infested items in warm places, deep freeze smaller items.