In Sweden the house mouse and field mouse are the most common. The body (including the tail) usually measures 8-9 cm. A whole with a diameter of 5 mm is enough for a mouse to get in. A mouse becomes mature after only 35 days. A female mouse gets 4-6 litters a year with up to 6 pups in each. Under good circumstances a new litter may be born each 50th day. A female is pregnant for 18-21 days and fertile for approximately one year. It is an omnivore but prefers fruits, seeds, flour and grain products. It often gets in to properties via panel and cracks. House mice stay inside houses all year round while field mice get in during autumn.

How to avoid them:

  • Keep pipe transit seal sealed
  • Doors must be intact
  • Floor drains should have proper lids
  • Outer walls must be intact without cracks, if not, we can help you to seal them
  • Keep clean and tidy next to rubbish bins
  • Avoid vegetation close to properties
  • Don't feed birds where you want to keep mice away
  • Keep clean and tidy both inside and outside your house

Suitable treatments: mechanical/automatic traps or pens.