Pharaoh ants are golden yellow in color and can be difficult to detect because they are very small, only 1.5–2 mm long. They thrive best where it is hot and can therefore be found on, for example, the kitchen counter next to a coffee maker or in the bathroom near hot water pipes. Unlike the black ant, several of the pharaoh ants' nests are interconnected and controlled by a queen, so it can be very difficult to fight this species. They are spread through, for example, shops, workplaces or when traveling abroad. The risk of bringing pharaoh ants home increases when we buy food from warmer countries. Pharaoh ants thrive on sweets, cheese, raw meat and dead insects.

How to avoid them:

  • Keep after food spills from sweets.
  • Remove tracks so the scent trail disappears.

Suitable treatments: in case of problems with ants indoors, ant boxes (these can be ordered here) are recommended in the ants' starting position. Remember that the scent trail the ants laid out must be wiped off in order for the ants to find their way to the ant box. Chemical control can also be applied if necessary. Need help getting rid of pharaoh ants?