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The ordinary silverfish is shy and has no wings. It likes warm and humid places like kitchens and bathrooms and hides in cracks in our houses. Their feed consists of soap, fat, cellulose, bread, flour and also paper. As nymph it is 2 mm long and white and can live 2-4 years. Apart from the ordinary silverfish the long-sprouted silverfish likes dry places. Another species is the firebrat that has similar appearance as the ordinary silverfish but prefers higher temperatures and can survive in dry places.

How to avoid them:

  • Keep as clean as possible in the bathroom, the larder and along floor moldings
  • Vacuum clean floor moldings, floor cracks and similar regularly
  • Rather vacuum clean than wet wipe since silverfishes likes dampness

Suitable treatments: silverfish traps (these you can order from us). Many silverfish at one spot may indicate dampness, hire a professional if you feel unsure.