Mites belong to the arachnids and the house mite also called house dust mites and bed mites are what we often come in contact with in our homes. The reason why they stay in our homes, and then primarily in bed and upholstered furniture, is that they like high humidity, darkness and humidity. All this they get in our beds as well as good access to food, that is, the skin flakes we lose when we sleep.

House mites are related to storage mites which are another family within the mite genus. They thrive as the name suggests in places where we store food. Or is the most well-known family in the group of storage mites.

How to avoid them:

• Keep the humidity low in the bedroom.
• Feel free to use mechanical ventilation.
• Wash bed linen regularly at 60 °C.

Suitable treatments: wash affected fabrics at 60 °C.