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Apart from pollution and damage, birds may also spread diseases. What makes it possible for the microorganisms to spread or accumulate is the bird’s excrement, feathers and nesting materials. Even insects and mites are drawn to birds. Our educated technicians are trained to resolve any type of infestation according to your needs. The equipment we use to control the birds comes from some of the best suppliers in Europe. We use nets, wires and electrical strips which are designed to prevent birds from settling down on properties, signs and lamps. Also, we offer several models of digital and mechanical scarecrows. Sometimes it is better and less expensive to work proactively than to work reactively. The methods that we use are well implemented and efficient. We may offer services as mentioned below:

  • bird spike system
  • bird wires
  • bird netting
  • acoustic bird protection
  • visual bird protection and scarecrow
  • preventive bird protection agreement
  • protection hunting birds
  • treatments of areas affected by birds.