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Are you business customer?

Nomor has long experience from pest control as well as food safety and environmental services. To business customers we offer several services within pest control, hygiene inspections, testing and self control programme. We also do testing of car washes, swimming pools, lakes, waste water, infectious remediation and house inspections. Please contact us at +46 771 122 300 or sign our formulate here to get more information.


Are you individual and got insurance?

Dependeing on what home insurance you have, several remediation services from us are included. Report damage here and we will get back to you as soon as possible with information about services that are covered by your insurance. Naturally, we also help you with services not included in your insurance, please call +46 771 122 300 our sign our formulate here to get more information.


Are you individual owning a villa or a summer house?

Then we have several property related services to offer you as e.g. pest control, inspections against wood destroying insects, building facade cleaning and roof cleaning. In our webshop you find all you need to prevent pests in your house and garden.