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Pest Prevention Agreement

The most gentle way to keep your home or business free from pests is to prevent infestations with environmentally friendly protection. Preventing pest infestations is both cost-effective and time-saving. We have extensive experience in pest control and treatments and have helped many customers maintain healthy, pest-free environments. The need for preventive pest protection exists in most industries, see our reference clients here. By performing a risk assessment, we can identify what kind of protection your business needs in terms of traps and pest inspections to counteract pest problems. Based on your needs, we offer the following types of pest protection in combination with regular inspections:

  • mechanical traps against rats and mice
  • grazing stations
  • traps for crawling and flying insects such as moths, cockroaches and silverfish
  • sealing against mice and rats.

Does your business handle food? Then you advantageously combine pest protection with hygiene inspections. We also perform audits and all kinds of food testing. Contact us and we will tell you more!

Pest Treatment

Our staff is qualified and ready to help you or your business, by choosing the right method depending on what type of pest you have. Since we are an environmentally friendly company, we try to avoid using chemical treatment. Instead we focus on non-toxic treatment, e.g. heat, cold or mechanical traps. If needed, we use fumigation or chemical methods.