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The best way to keep your house or business free from infestation is to prevent it by using environmentally friendly methods. We can help you with this by creating an analysis of your house or business and determining whether you need traps and pest control inspections. The methods that we use are the most efficient while taking the environment into consideration.

Pest Treatment

Our staff is qualified and ready to help you or your business, by choosing the right method depending on what type of pest you have. Since we are an environmentally friendly company, we try to avoid using chemical treatment. Instead we focus on non-toxic treatment, e.g. heat, cold or mechanical traps. If needed, we use fumigation or chemical methods.

Pest Control with Rats in Sewage Drainage System

Rats that intrude into the sewer system are a major and common problem that we have solid experience with. We can help you overcome this problem with effective and completely non-toxic methods. Describe the situation as completely as possible and we will implement a customized pest management strategy for your particular case.

Fumigation against Pests

We have experience handling fumigation in many different types of situations. The fumigation is done by qualified staff who also control the whole process while also documenting every step. We fumigate containers, boats and other import- and export-related deliveries.

Sealing against Pests

It is easy for mice and rats to get into a building by using the cracks and gaps in the walls. When inspecting your property, our technicians are able to identify the gaps and weaknesses in the building that need to be sealed. By doing so it is easier to keep the rodents outside.