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Do you know if you have radon at home or at your workplace? Did you know that radon is behind about 500 lung cancer cases a year in Sweden? Radon is an invisible and odourless gas that can be found in all types of houses located. The gas comes from either the building material or the soil. An easy way to find out if you have high levels of radon at home or at work is to measure the levels with radon detectors. In apartment buildings, information on radon measurement also needs to be provided in the energy declaration every ten years.

With us, you can order detectors to place for radon measurement. The detectors must be hung for at least 60 days during the heating season 1st of October - 30th of April. When the measurement is complete, we will help you send the radon detectors to an accredited laboratory. You will then receive a written report and we will help you interpret the analysis answers. Do you have a larger property? Then we can develop a solution according to your specific needs. Contact us and we will tell you more!

We use so-called trace film measurement with a small plastic box that contains a film. The radon leaves "traces" on the film, which are then analyzed in the laboratory. The measurement method we use is accredited by SWEDAC and approved by SSM, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority. Two measuring points are required for each designated household.

At present, we only have the opportunity to help commercial property owners.