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Today’s food supply chain stretches across borders and oceans. The expectations on quality and safety of food products increases and as well as the demand from retail stores on their suppliers. To ensure food is safe, businesses around the world are aiming to implement proactive, effective food safety solutions from farm to fork; we can help them find the right solutions. Our consultants can help you establish a quality system and give guidance in the process before certification within the standards listed below:

  • BRC Global Standard
    Implicate food safety and can be used of all food producers. 
  • BRC IoP Global Standard
    Implicate packaging, dedicated to producers of food and medical packaging.
  • ISO 22000
    A system for food safety in all parts of the process that is dedicated to feeding producers, wholesalers and stores.
  • FSC 22 000
  • IFS – International Food Standard
    A standard for all companies that produces and package food.
  • IP Food Processing
    Implicate product safety for food producing companies.

Audits accomplished by auditors outside your organization is necessary to be certified according to standards such as BRC, FSSC 22000 and SQF. We offer third part audits where we examine following areas:

  • Evaluation of management system
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Incidents at other facilities
  • Regular and contractual requirements
  • Trace ability and recall

Are you already working on it but need some extra guidance with e.g. routines or labeling? Then we can help you to reach the goals for the certification. 

If your business has problems with for instance pollution, cross-contamination or complaints from customers we can help you find the cause. We also offer treatments, disinfection and cleaning etc.

Do you need help to evaluate your suppliers? We have the knowledge to determine if their production processes comply with required levels of food safety, hygiene standards, traceability and integrity.