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By taking the help of the dogs' well-developed sense of smell, we can be one step ahead in the fight against both rats and bedbugs. Together with our specially trained search dogs, we can offer preventive and effective services in both rat and bed bug control. Then we are the first in Sweden to offer dog searches for rats. In this way, detecting attacks at an early stage and being able to apply accurate efforts from the start saves both time and money.

Problem with Rats

In cases where large areas need to be searched for rats or conventional methods are tested without results, we can offer an opportunity to be visited by both pest control technician and search dog. The structure of the visit is determined from case to case depending on the size and design of the area. The dog then searches the building or area where the problem is experienced and marks where rats are present or have left a trace. Thereafter, the pest control technician applies the appropriate control method. Dog searches have shown good results and a minimization of the sanitation treatment required and are therefore more cost-effective. The benefit comes from the fact that with the help of a dog we can find the rats more quickly and in this way can implement even more accurate measures. In this unique service, Nomor collaborates with Vilson Detect & Inspect, which has solid experience of dog search in pest control.

Problem with Bed Bugs

After being virtually extinct, bedbugs are in sharp decline. This is partly due to the fact that we travel more today than before. A bed bug infestation can be both time consuming and costly to overcome. Nomor therefore offers in collaboration with Vilson Detect & Inspect preventive protection with the help of specially trained search dogs. The dog then inspect the rooms and marks as soon as it smells of bedbugs. Because dogs have a much more well-developed sense of smell than us humans, they can detect attacks at a very early stage. The earlier the bed bugs are detected, the faster they can be removed.