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As a food entrepreneur, you are required to develop a self-control-program. You are also responsible for ensuring that all staff have knowledge and understanding of established procedures and controls and that they are followed. The EU Hygiene Regulation of January 2006 sets very clear requirements for the food business operator to have a HACCP-based self-control-program. By controlling your food security in a good way, you can get safer food, save time and money. Both you and the customers can then be sure that you are doing everything you can to provide safe food. More information on rules and regulations regarding self-control in food can be found at www.livsmedelsverket.se and www.livsmedelsforetagen.se.

With a digital self-control-programme it is easy to overview how your business fulfills the requirements via mobile, tablet or computer. Our online service Nomor+ can be organized into different levels of access if you have more than one user in your business. You also have the possibility to add different services. Like fire protection and working environment. With a simple tool you can overview statistics including all your businesses. All documentation and routines are printable, do as you like!